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Picasso painting sets world record for art at auction $179M

29 Mayo 2015 
NEW YORK -  A vibrant, multi-hued painting from Pablo Picasso set a world record for artwork at auction, selling for $179.4 million on Monday night, and a sculpture by Alberto Giacometti set a record for most expensive sculpture, at $141.3 million.

Picasso's "Women of Algiers (Version O)" and Giacometti's life-size "Pointing Man" were among dozens of masterpieces from the 20th century Christie's offered in a curated sale titled "Looking Forward to the Past."

The Picasso price, $179,365,000, and the Giacometti price, $141,285,000, included the auction house's premium. The buyers elected to remain anonymous.

Overall, 34 of 35 lots sold at Monday's auction for a total of $706 million.

Experts say the high sale prices were driven by artworks' investment value and by wealthy collectors seeking out the very best works.

"I don't really see an end to it, unless interest rates drop sharply, which I don't see happening in the near future," Manhattan dealer Richard Feigen said.

Impressionist and modern artworks continue to corner the market because "they are beautiful, accessible and a proven value," added Sarah Lichtman, professor of design history and curatorial studies at The New School.

"I think we will continue to see the financiers seeking these works out as they would a blue chip company that pays reliable dividends for years to come," she said.

"Women of Algiers," once owned by the American collectors Victor and Sally Ganz, was inspired by Picasso's fascination with the 19th-century French artist Eugene Delacroix. It is part of a 15-work series Picasso created in 1954-55 designated with the letters A through O. It has appeared in several major museum retrospectives of the Spanish artist.

The most expensive artwork sold at auction had been Francis Bacon's "Three Studies of Lucian Freud," which Christie's sold for $142.4 million in 2013.

"Pointing Man," depicting a skinny 5-foot-high bronze figure with extended arms, has been in the same private collection for 45 years. Giacometti, who died in 1966, made six casts of the work; four are in museums, and the others are in private hands and a foundation collection.

His "Walking Man I" had held the auction record for a sculpture. It sold for $104.3 million in 2010.

Among other highlights at Christie's was Peter Doig's "Swamped," a 1990 painting of a canoe in a moonlit lagoon, which sold for slightly less than $26 million, a record for the British artist.

Claude Monet's "The Houses of Parliament, At Sunset," a lush painting of rich blues and magenta created in 1900-01, sold for $40.5 million, in line with pre-sale estimates but well short of a record for the artist.

Christie's also had a Mark Rothko for sale. "No. 36 (Black Stripe)," which had never appeared at auction, also sold for $40.5 million, on par with predictions. The 1958 work was sold by German collector Frieder Burda, who exhibited it in his museum in Baden-Baden for several years.

Last year, Christie's said its global sales of impressionist and modern art were $1.2 billion, an increase of 19 percent over the previous year.

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Discount Wigs for Sale - InfoBarrel

29 Mayo 2015 
Cheap WigsHair for All Occasions!

If you are looking for a fun way to dress up for a costume party, or an easy way to freshen up your look when you are traveling, you most likely want to find the cheapest discount wig possible. In particular, if you are simply looking for an easy way to cover your own hair when you are in a hurry, there is no need to spend a large amount of money just to get a quick fix.  Although a nice, top-of-the-line human hair wig can cost hundreds of dollars, synthetic ones are often available for less than $30.  Whatever style you want, there is rarely a reason to pay the full retail price when there are so many discount retailers around who will be happy to help you at a discount.

Your first step in finding an inexpensive wig would be to check out what you like at your local beauty supply shop, wig shop or hair salon. Get the brand and style name or number of the ones that you particularly like. Find out about sizing information. If the shop is having a good sale, or you find them easy and convenient to deal with and they offer good customer service, go ahead and make your purchase at the shop. However, if you are trying to get the best possible price, you may first want to check out some of the websites that sell their products at a discount.  One such website is

Amazon has literally thousands of choices for women.  They sell sell both synthetic and natural hair wigs, as well as helpful accessories such as shampoos and conditioners.  If you are interesting in browsing through the many possibilities that they have available, use this direct link to wigs for women from             

Compariston shopping on Amazon and other websites is also a good way to decide if your local wig shop has priced their products fairly. Remember, you will have to pay for shipping in most cases if you buy something online. However, if a local store charges you 20% extra to purchase an item locally, it may be worth it to find the wig you want online. Comparison shopping is always one of the best ways to be sure that you are buying products at a reasonable price, and websites like Amazon make it easy.

Cheap Wigs for Sale Online

As mentioned above, Amazon advertises that they have cheap wigs for sale, as well as more expensive choices. In addition, Amazon is rated 5 stars for customer satisfaction. As a result, it is possible to get discounted wigs and still receive good customer service.

When I browsed through the Amazon website, some of the wigs I saw advertised were in styles that seemed to be intended to be worn as part of a costume. However, they had an excellent selection and their prices were exceptionally low. In fact, some of their wigs were priced at less than $15! Wig caps, which are designed to be worn underneath a full hairpiece, sold for under $10. You could also get a punk rock star multicolored wig in a rainbow of colors for under $15. Want to buy Rasta costume dreadlocks? Amazon has them listed for under $10. There is also a wide selection of more serious, natural looking styles available, many of them for less than $25.

You'll want to check out the accessories that are also available.  For example, you can also purchase a mannequin foam head for your wig for under $10. This is expecially important if you wish to keep the hair from getting disheveled and tangled looking.  Our family once kept a costume wig in a plastic bag and, after a few months, it looked horrible and was almost impossible to restyle correctly.  It is important to note that, with Amazon, you will usually get free shipping if you purchase at least $25 in new products.

Other Online Wig Stores

If you have not found the item that interests you on Amazon, you may want to check out other businesses, too. There are additional online shops where you can buy attractively designed hairpieces for everyday use or special occasions and still pay discounted prices. One of these sites is the Best Wig Outlet. They offer over 5,000 styles of wigs for every occasion, including styles for women, men, and children.  You can also get them made from human hair or synthetic materials. The styles they offer are a great way to change your look instantly with very little effort. Human hair wigs are available starting at under $250.00 ... although they can cost as much as $750 for some designs. You can check out the full selection of choices that they have available at

Another site you may want to consider is When you enter "wigs" into their search option box, they will give you a list of websites and shops in your area where you may also be able to find what you want at a discount. This is another way to comparison shop and make sure that you are getting the best possible price for the product you desire.

More Online Sites

There are other sites that you may wish to check out in your effort to do a little comparison shopping. For example, the Best Wig Outlet advertises that they have over 5000 different styles, including those that are made from both synthetic materials and human hair. They also represent a wide variety of manufacturers. Their website is

Another company that promotes itself as a cheap place to buy wigs is They make it quite clear in their advertising that they are selling cheap hair wigs from China. You may want to at least check out their website and compare their prices to those offered by the other manufacturers.

You may also be interested in checking out these articles, which list additional sites where you can comparison shop. As always, if you want to find cheap prices for any product, you should shop around.

Human Hair Wigs For Sale

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An Example of an Affordable Wig from

Sexy Women Wigs Lace Wigs Oblique Bangs Medium for Women Hair Wigs Wigs Store

Amazon Price: $56.09 $21.10

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If you are interested in other styles, click on the blue product name above to be taken directly to the Amazon site, where you can shop for this or additional choices.

How To Paint Your Wrought Iron Gate?

29 Mayo 2015 

Wrought iron gates are one of the best choices you can make for your home. These gates feature in quality, flexibility, classiness and durability. They create a classical feel in outside areas and can bring a real beauty to any exterior, but anyhow most of the original Wrought iron gates will become dull within time. Even if these gates are very strong, their outside area alone needs to be updated from time to time.

A paint finish can keep any wrought iron gate from looking tired. Painting these gates aids them protection from rusting and give a great looking and long-lasting finish. On following the below mentioned tips, one can paint a wrought iron gate in an easy and more effective way. While preparing a wrought iron gate to paint, take note of the old surfaces on the gate that requires a fresh paint. Analyze the condition of your gate. If it is too bad, then you would have to paint the entire gate with 2-3 coatings.

Start removing the rust from unpainted surfaces. You can use a scrubbing brush for this purpose. Once you finish removing the rust, start to remove the old paint form your Wrought iron gates. Like in removing rust, you can use a wire or scrubbing brush to remove the old paint. You can also use a chemical paint stripper or sandblaster to remove the old paint.

Once you finish removing rust and old paint from your gate, you are ready to paint. Coat the Iron Gate with red oxide primer using a mini-roller. It would be better if the primer has a spraying mechanism. Coat the primed iron gate with an oil based enamel using the mini roller. Wait two hours for the primed gate to dry. By the time, clean your painting tools with mineral spirits.

Before painting the gate as per the desired finish, the newly cleaned and sanded wrought iron should first be given an all over coat of rust inhibiting primer in order to prevent further rusting of the new finish. After this gets dried of, you can apply a coat of metal point in the finish of your choice. While painting your gate, it is better to start from the top of the gates and working downwards so that you can catch the drips as you progress. One coat even could give a new finish to your gates that lasts for so many years.

By: YK G.

Article Directory:

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Technology Articles - EzineMark - Free Content Article Directory

29 Mayo 2015 
10 Best Headphones For Under $100

The Koss PortaPro headphones will be the ideal companion for home theater enthusiasts and mobile audiophiles. Looking very fashionable, the Koss earbuds hit a home run with the PortaPros and start at a price of $31.52.


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Technology and Science News - ABC News

29 Mayo 2015 

newsbulletin.nbFooter = ""

//append widget header

$("#newsbulletin .midcontainer").append("");

$("#newsbulletin .midcontainer").append(newsbulletin.nbContainer);

$("#newsbulletin .midcontainer").append(newsbulletin.nbFooter);

newsbulletin.nbDiv = document.getElementById('nbItemContainer');

nbjsId = 0;

newsbulletin.load = function()


//to try and handle caching in webkit browsers

dynamicJS.load('newsBulletin'+nbjsId, newsbulletin.baseloc+'/xmldata/newsbulletin?id=15691212twOverride=lpos='+newsbulletin.lpos2+'section='+nbjsId);


//display items

newsbulletin.displayItems = function(nbItemObj)

//check if status update

this.isStatusUpdate = (nbItemObj.label == 'Status Update')?true:false;

//item type class

this.itemTypeClass = (this.isStatusUpdate)?'orange':'blue';

//bg position

this.itemBgPos = '100% 55%';

if(nbItemObj.bgPos != null)

this.itemBgPos = nbItemObj.bgPos;

//author image

this.nbItemStyle = '';

this.nbH4Class = 'class=nbheader';

this.nbH4Style = '';

this.nbItemStyleAuthor = '';

if(nbItemObj.authorimage != null nbItemObj.authorimage != '')

this.nbH4Style = ' style=width:210px;';

this.nbItemStyle = 'background:url('+nbItemObj.authorimage+') no-repeat bottom right'//+ this.itemBgPos;

this.nbItemStyleAuthor = ' nbItemContentsAuthor'


this.title = '



if( != null != '')

this.title = ''


this.text = '';

this.textCapped = '';

this.morelink = 'More'

if(nbItemObj.text != null)

this.text = nbItemObj.text;

//if item is not expanded display capped text if applicable

if(nbItemObj.isExpanded != true)

if(nbItemObj.text.length 63)

this.textCapped = nbItemObj.text.substring(0, 63);

this.text = this.textCapped + '...';


this.text = this.textCapped + '... ' + this.morelink;

//social = '';

this.socialStyle = '';

this.authorBlock = '';

this.divider = '';

this.fb = '';

if(nbItemObj.authorfb != null nbItemObj.authorfb != '')

this.fb = ''

this.twitter = '';

if(nbItemObj.authortwitter != null nbItemObj.authortwitter != '')

this.twitter = '' = '';

if(nbItemObj.authorbio != null nbItemObj.authorbio != '') = ''''

this.authorBlock = '



if( != null != '')

if(this.fb != '' else = '';

this.textStyle = '';

if(nbItemObj.authorimage != null nbItemObj.authorimage != '')

this.textStyle = ' style=width:208px;';


if( == null

this.categoryTag = '';

this.nbTextOverride = '';

this.rowTemp = ''+this.authorBlock+'






if (nbItemObj.notes)

nbNotes = nbItemObj.notes;

nbNoteStr = '';

nbNoteDivider = '';

$.each(nbNotes, function(idx)

nbNote = nbNotes[idx];

this.noteAuthorBlock = '';

this.notefb = '';

if(nbNote.noteAuthor.facebook != null nbNote.noteAuthor.facebook != '')

this.notefb = ''

this.notetwitter = '';

if(nbNote.noteAuthor.twitter != null nbNote.noteAuthor.twitter != '')

this.notetwitter = ''

this.notebio = '';

if( != null != '')

this.notebio = ''''

this.noteAuthorBlock = '



this.notesocial = '';

this.noteSocialStyle = '';

if( != null != '')else

this.notesocial = '';

if (idx == nbNotes.length-1)

nbNoteDivider = '';

this.nbNoteDiv = '






nbNoteStr += this.nbNoteDiv;


this.rowTemp += nbNoteStr;

return this.rowTemp;

function showMoreText(id)

//grab old item height

var oldItemHeight = $('#nbItem_'+id).height();

//retrieve the content from the array


//store id a list of opened objects


var newContainerHeight = $("#nbItemContainer").height() + ($('#nbItem_'+id).height()-oldItemHeight);

$("#nbItemContainer").css('height', newContainerHeight);

//reinitialize scroll


lastNBObjStr = '';

function isNewData(data)

isNewTemp = false;

currNBObjStr = '';

$.each(data.updates, function(ind)

currNBObjStr = currNBObjStr + data.updates[ind].objId + data.updates[ind].date;




if(currNBObjStr != lastNBObjStr)

isNewTemp = true;


//console.log('no refresh');

lastNBObjStr = currNBObjStr;

return isNewTemp;

isHeaderLinkLoaded = false; // flag to check if the header link is loaded

isShareLinkLoaded = false; // flag to check if the share link is loaded

isDoneLoading = false; // flag to check if the html is done loading in the jScrollPane

function newsBulletin(data)


isNewDataFlag = isNewData(data);


//clear contents first

newsbulletin.nbDiv.innerHTML = '';


updates = data.updates;

headerLink = data.widgetLink;

shareLink = data.shareLink;

if (headerLink != '' headerLink != null !isHeaderLinkLoaded)

var twitterImg = ""

$("#newsbulletin .midcontainer .widget_head").append("");

$("#newsbulletin .midcontainer .widget_head .twitterLink a .twitterContent").append("" + twitterImg + "");

isHeaderLinkLoaded = true;

//clear the author cutouts array

newsbulletin.authorCutouts = [];

// check to see if there is a height set for container, if so clear it

// prevents cacheing

var hasHeight = $('#nbItemContainer').attr('style');

if (typeof hasHeight != 'undefined')


$.each(updates, function(ind)

var itemDetails = new Object();

it = updates[ind];

//populate the itemDetails object = it.objId;

itemDetails.title = it.title;

itemDetails.objType = it.objType; =; =;

itemDetails.label = it.label; =;

itemDetails.authorbio =;

itemDetails.authorfb =;

itemDetails.authortwitter =;

itemDetails.feed = it.feed;

itemDetails.category = it.category;

//set defaults if item is a status update

if(itemDetails.label == 'Status Update')

if( == '') = ''

if( == '') = 'ABC News'

itemDetails.authorfb = ''

itemDetails.authortwitter = ''

//only pass the author image if it's not displayed in any of the items yet

if($.inArray(, newsbulletin.authorCutouts) == -1)

itemDetails.authorimage =;

//add to ignore list

if( != '' ($.inArray(, newsbulletin.authorCutouts) == -1))


if(it.text != '')

itemDetails.text = it.text;


itemDetails.bgPos = 'bottom right';

if (it.notes)

itemDetails.notes = it.notes;

//build a name value pair list of id/text

contentObject[] = itemDetails.text

itemDetails.isExpanded = ($.inArray(, fullTextList) -1) ? true : false;

//build markup




//set the height of container div


if (shareLink != '' shareLink != null !isShareLinkLoaded)

$("#newsbulletin .midcontainer .nbFooter").css("height":"35px", "border-top":"1px solid #d5d5d5", "border-bottom":"border-bottom:1px solid #eaeaea");

$("#newsbulletin .midcontainer .nbFooter").append("");

isShareLinkLoaded = true;


if ($.browser.version .midcontainer .nbFooter").css("display":"none");

var timeoutId = setTimeout(function()

$("#newsbulletin .midcontainer .nbFooter").css("display":"block");


, 3000);

dynamicJS.unload('newsBulletin'+nbjsId, newsbulletin.baseloc+'/xmldata/newsbulletin?id=15691212'+nbjsId);

isDoneLoading = true;

if ($.browser.webkit)

if(nbjsId .midcontainer .nbFooter").css("display":"none");

var timeoutId = setTimeout(function()

$("#newsbulletin .midcontainer .nbFooter").css("display":"block");


, 3000);











// we could call "pane.jScrollPane(settings)" again but it is

// more convenient to call via the API as then the original

// settings we passed in are automatically remembered.

// Initialization of the container should be done after all the markup has been loaded

// since there is no listener that could be passed into reinitialise() for callback

if (isDoneLoading)


isDoneLoading = false;

, 5000);



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