Photo To Painting - New Trend Of Preserving Memories by Azalea Wright

13 Jun 2015 
The development of photography had changed the painting tradition of the people. In the past, royalties like kings, queens, dukes and other high officials used to hire an artist to paint them in a portrait. Because of the expensive artist's fee , they were the ones who able to afford it. In some European old traditions, royal couples had to send their portrait painting towards each other before the day of their wedding.

As the time went by, the use of photography became rampant and took the place of the traditional painting. But then, we might notice that the print of the common picture produced by photography, whether traditional or digital are prone to fade away. It means that through years, the print will be destroyed with the involvement of heat and moisture. Because of that, many artists adapted the photo to painting process to preserve the beauty of their photograph. Commonly, photo to painting with the use of an oil is very elegant and looks more realistic . This is comparable to the traditional painting of the famous personality that can be found in national museums. The photo to painting portrait will also serve as a family heirloom though years. Since it has an assurance of life longevity, the next generation will able to see the roots of their family. Hence, a photo to painting portrait is considerably a classic decoration in every wall of your home. Your visitors will be enchanted and amazed upon seeing the natural appearance of the photo painting with a touch of naturalistic hands.

Photo to painting products specifically oil portraits are only done by skillful and artistic hands. Artists that specialize on this field must be talented and creative as they design a perfect portrait for their clients. They can work for your order in a matter of five days or it also depends on the size and difficulty of the subject . There are lots of people who are worried that the photo to painting portrait will cost an arm and a leg. To tell you, we are not talking about the traditional painting in which the artist has to paint you while you are having a permanent pose. This kind of artwork is affordable and any people can have it even that they are not considered as royalties. It means, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to have an elegant portrait.

Nowadays, it is very convenient to avail your own portrait painting. All you need to do is to visit your local art galleries or art shop who offer a similar service. They will be responsible of turning your photo to painting portrait in just a matter of days . There might be an instance that there is no available shop in your place. Well, there are lots of online art galleries who have an excellent service in creating a perfect portrait. You can also browse for their portrait samples to determine the quality and beauty of their products. With the use of technology, you can view the painting through the Internet. With that, you can ask your artist to have some changes if you are not contented with the draft.

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His only job - Painting the pinstripes on Rolls Royces

12 Jun 2015 

That's his job and his alone. A former village sign painter he now paints coach stripes, as they're properly called, on Rolls-Royce cars at the company's Goodwood, England factory. His job is the last step in the manufacturing process and if he messes up that line... He just can't mess up that line. There is no eraser that will fix it. The paint has special properties that instantly bond it to the underlying car paint.

That's serious pressure, so the proper mental state is important.

"This is just another car to me," he said. "If you start worrying about who owns them or where it's going, it'll play with your mind. Then you'll never do it. You just got to be able to learn to shut off and do what you need to do."

He rarely takes time off because it would cause him to lose his focus.

"Weekends are bad enough," he said, "because now I have to refocus and I have come back into it again."

When there's time off at the factory -- when the the plant's being retooled to build a new model, for instance -- Court usually travels to various parts of the world to paint customers' cars or to display his skills in public exhibitions.

Tall and burly with a thick, rolling accent, Court looks and sounds like just the sort of man who you could imagine painting English pub signs. That's what he used to do before he came here. He applied for the the Rolls-Royce job as soon as he heard the automaker would open a factory in his rural village in 2003.

"For me, it was just adapting a skill that I already had to a technique for doing six meters of car," he said.

Six meters is about 20 feet -- the length of a roughly $500,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Photos - Cool cars from the Geneva Motor Show

A skill like Court's wasn't easy to find. He was flown to Germany to meet with Ian Cameron, the man BMW had hired to head up Rolls-Royce design. BMW had bought the Rolls brand a few years earlier. Cameron showed him a perfect hand-painted coach line.

"It was a case of 'Can you do that?'" Court recalled. "Well, I'm a cocky Englishman. I can do anything."

Rolls-Royce pinstriperFormer sign painter Mark Court now paints the coach stripes on Rolls-Royce cars at the automaker's Goodwood, England, factory.

From there, Court was sent to BMW's motorcycle factory, the only part of the company, at that time, that did hand-painted lines. He perfected his craft painting gas tanks and fairings, the shell that goes over the frame of some racing-style motorcycles.

Court uses squirrel hair brushes that he trims himself to just the right shape. He powders his fingers so they slide easily across the car's smooth painted surface as he follows a guide line made from tape. The tape doesn't mask the edge of the line, it's purely a guide from which he keeps a set distance.

His job involves much more than just straight lines, though. Customers also request a variety of custom designs including flowers, horse heads, various abstract shapes and, of course, their initials. He spent hours painting lines and flowers on Rolls-Royce's Serenity show car that was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this year.

He's still trying to find an apprentice to someday take his place. So far two apprentices have dropped out. One was his own son, who decided to go to work in Rolls-Royce's wood shop, instead.

"Time marches on," Court said. "I ain't getting no younger. Someones got to continue."

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CNNMoney (New York) April 30, 2015: 5:19 PM ET

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'Painting For Peace' Picture Book Helps Children Cope With Recent Events In Ferguson

12 Jun 2015 

It's trying, if not impossible, for grown adults to make sense of the devastating recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, and related happenings around the country. If we can hardly understand how such shameful actions could occur, and can barely express ourselves regarding the national tragedy, how are children even supposed to begin?

A new children's book, titled "Painting for Peace in Ferguson," is out to try. The colorful storybook, written by Ferguson-born author Carol Swartout Klein, tells the true story of the hundreds of artists and citizens who came together in the face of violence and darkness to create beautiful images of hope and peace.


Over 300 people participated in the Paint for Peace St. Louis effort, using the simple and powerful tool of paint to transform the plywood windows on boarded up businesses onto vibrant canvases and messages of love. The book features over 140 artworks spread throughout several miles in Ferguson, Dellwood and South Grand in St. Louis City, each spreading a positive that both children and adults need to heal.

Klein returned to her childhood home just after the riots around Thanksgiving weekend to see how she could help. She was moved by the number of individuals who spent their holiday weekend giving back to the community, spreading images of hope and healing in the worst of times. "The real essence of the book is empowerment," Klein explains in a statement, "and that if we all do what we can to make our community a better place, amazing things, like hundreds of pieces of art springing up in a matter of days -- which changed the outlook and spirit of an entire town -- can be the result."

See a preview of the book below and visit the website to learn more and purchase a copy of your own. Check out other inspiring artworks made in the wake of Ferguson here.

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Russia asks Britain to block auction of 'stolen' painting | Reuters

12 Jun 2015 

MOSCOW The Russian bureau of Interpol has sent a request to the British police to block the auction of a painting by a famous Russian artist because it was "stolen", Russia's Interior Ministry said in a statement on Saturday.

The ministry said that the painting in question, "Evening in Cairo" by Ivan Aivazovsky, "was stolen in 1997 from a private collection in the city of Moscow".

The 1870 painting is listed as a lot on the website of auction house Sotheby's, with an estimated value of 1.5-2 million pounds (around $2-$3 million), as part of a collection of Russian pictures due to be sold on June 2.

"That a painting of this scale and quality has not been on public view for over seventy years is remarkable and presents an exceptional opportunity for collectors of Aivazovsky's major works," the Sotheby's catalog note said.

Sotheby's told Reuters that it was aware of a claim that the painting was stolen, but its due diligence had found no record of the painting in databases of stolen art, including one distributed by Russia's Culture Ministry.

"Sotheby's also contacted the Moscow police who confirmed that they have no information that the painting in Sotheby's sale is the allegedly stolen painting. Sotheby's is in communication with the claimant of the allegedly stolen painting," Sotheby's said in a statement.

Ivan Aivazovsky, who lived between 1817 and 1900, was a prominent Russian-Armenian artist of the Romantic school noted for his landscapes and seascapes.

($1 = 0.6541 pounds)

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Crime News, Criminal Investigations, Lawsuits

12 Jun 2015 
The news of your death is heartbreaking. It has stirred my soul and inspired me to action. It is soul stirring because I refuse to let your death be in vain. I cannot, shall not and will not allow your story to go quietly away.

Perhaps the most enduring and pervasive American myth concerning child sexual abuse is that nice guys don't molest children; and it's a pernicious myth because it denies the reality of a victim's suffering.

We are rightly frustrated by what happened with Josh Duggar. But we should direct that collective frustration and anger towards building new and better ways to rehabilitate children who commit crimes and to help their victims.

This is always a tricky situation, and just something you have to work out with both pragmatism and diplomacy.


The best answer to any question

Racial tension is a term that's used as a substitute for "Racism Lives Here." There are systematic and learned behaviors at play that allow for the abuse of authority under the guise of maintaining order.

People like to say that the death penalty is for the "worst of the worst" offenders. But they are wrong. The death penalty depends on where people live. Particularly for the people who live in Texas.

Political leaders like President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Rand Paul have been speaking in a unified voice on the need for prison reform. But prison and sentencing reform will require more than talk.

Because of the systematic distortions caused by the way the federal government builds FIFA-type cases, we'll never truly know with any confidence what really happened. That's a problem, and it's one of the government's own making.

Kevin Sali

Criminal defense attorney in Portland, Oregon

The media cannot continue to be selective in choosing which cases -- which innocent lives, that is -- to bring to the public's attention. We are talking about human beings, here, after all. Why do we have to spend 10, 15, 20, 25, or more years in prison before the mainstream media will break stories of our innocence?

Lorenzo Johnson

Served 16 and a half years of a life-without-parole sentence after being wrongfully convicted

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